The bikes

Riding BIKES

Both our bikes have been pre-purchased, site unseen. Although this is purely to save on time, it is also half the fun really. We have done this before through Craigslist and through Ebay and so far, touch wood and cross fingers and toes, we have not had any problems.

Originally we were keen to be riding electric bikes. This would have been a real challenge as they need recharging every 60 miles – but we would have found a way to do it, if very slowly. Unfortunately availability of the bikes we needed were slim to none, so after weeks of research we decided to hold back on that particular adventure for another time.

So why are we riding bikes anyway and what does this have to do with our eco documentary?  

Glad you asked! Bikes, by their very nature impose less of an impact on the environment. They use less fuel and in turn produce less emissions.  They also represent freedom, a significant message of the documentary we are shooting.

But if we are honest, we just love riding motorbikes and believe it to be the most appropriate (and most exhilarating) vehicle for a road trip.  Jon once likened biking through Death Valley to riding through the fiery breath of a dragon.  Now for many, that might not seem like an experience to replicate and you would likely prefer the modern air conditioned car for the comfort and protection it provides – but travelling by motorbike lets you feel and connect with the environment as you are passing through.The purpose of a car is to insulate you from that environment but bikes allow you to be connected with your natural surroundings and that is of absolute importance. We want to experience the land we are passing through.

After nearly two decades of road trips it is about time we made a film about one of them and that is really the purpose of this project. So, calling all bike loving, road tripping, eco conscious individuals come along for the ride and live vicariously through this interactive road trip adventure.  We promise that there will be something in this for all of you.

The BIKES we will be riding

Bike: Suzuki GS850 Shaft Drive.  Year: 1980.

This is Jon’s bike.  I had already brought my bike when I found this one on line.  A part of me really wants to pinch it off him now, as I just love GS bikes and have ridden many of them across America before. Its a bullet proof classic. So watch when your back is turned Jon, I might well be riding off into the sunset on your bike!

Duncan’s bike is nothing to complain about either.  Well, I hope that is the case at any rate as I was not supplied a picture any better than the ones that were shot on those old Nokia “smart” phones.  The shot resembled a bike so all should be ok!  Funny enough, this is the same bike that I rode around the USA a couple of years ago so I do have a picture with me standing behind it.


Bike: Kawasaki 750 Spectre.  (The limited edition one was gold) as you can see.  Year: 1980 (I think!)

The bike I had on the last trip was very reliable.  It handled incredibly well on the dirt too so I am looking forward to taking it for some off road adventures.  It is a bike that never found its way to Australia so if it is still in one piece by the time I finish I might look at trying to take it home.