The Filmmakers

Meet the team behind the documentary


Duncan Barnes (
Duncan is best described as an entrepreneur. With a background as a commercial photographer, turned eco-businessman and academic he offers up an interesting critical perspective on sustainability.

Duncan’s passion for sustainability is a fascination linked with the ability to be independent that goes back to his childhood interest in building solar powered models.  “Independence and ‘off grid’ don’t have to mean being isolated and doing without.  Sustainability and technology go hand in hand; you don’t need to divorce one to marry the other


Jonathan Sykes (
When Jon is not teaching undergraduate students how to create playful experiences  – yes there really is a degree, he is working with teenagers to conserve the Scottish countryside as a Green Team volunteer. You will find him out camping, sawing, lopping, fire building and planting.

Jon was raised by a family of horticulturists, but strangely it was never something that interested him – until his first mid-life crisis. When he turned 40 he realised that he had lost something over the years, and he needed to reconnect with life and the earth. For him this is a spiritual journey – a search for himself and his personal relationship with the land.


Jon and Duncan discuss planned vs organic building techniques:

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