The Visionaries

We are fortunate to have an array of leading eco-luminaries each with their own unique philosophies to share. Click on their story to learn more.


The Visionaries

Follow links below to learn more about those very interesting folk who feature in our documentary
(names in order of appearance)

Ianto Evans
The Cob Cottage Company
Ianto is a true visionary, being responsible for the current revival of building homes from cob – a mix of soil, clay and straw. His book ‘The Hand-Sculpted House’ outlines not just how to build a home a cob home, but the philosophical necessity of the natural building movement. It truly is a practical and philosophical guide to building a cob cottage.

It is fantastic that Ianto has agreed to be a part of our project, for his work contextualises our journey perfectly.READ MORE

Dan Willis
Geodesic Dome
I first heard of Dan Willis and his Dreamhill Dome Project in Oregon, when I was reading Dome Times. Dan had written an article where he very eloquently discusses the benefits of geodesic design, and when I saw pictures of his home I instantly knew that I had to visit him one day. Dan was one of the first to volunteer for the documentary and I cannot wait to meet him.

Take a look at his home – you will see why I just had to visit.

Kaki Hunter and Donald Kiffmeyer
Earthbag Homes
Kaki and Donald are world class experts on building affordable, sustainable homes from bags of earth – like the one on the left here. Indeed they wrote the book.

All you need to build your own $1,000 home is a shovel, quite a few bags, rolls of barbed wire and lots of earth. You will still need to add windows and doors, but this has to be the most affordable home building option you can find.

Emily Niehaus
Community Rebuilds
Emily Niehaus is one special lady. Emily is executive director of Community Rebuilds, an organisation committed to affordable sustainable housing for all. Indeed she recently received the award Champion of Change from the Obama administration honoring her work in the creation of Community Rebuilds.

We are so very pleased to have Emily onboard. We believe her story will be hugely engaging, and we are very much looking forward to meeting her in person.

Ashton Wolfe - Earthship Biotecture
Recycled Tyre Home

Unfortunately Michael Reynolds, the man who first pioneered the earthship, is out of town the whole of July – no doubt building another of his wonderful houses. But that has not stopped us – no indeedy. I am pleased to confirm that we have been cordially invited to meet with Ashton to learn about the techniques they employ at Earthship Biotecture and their philosophy.

As a double bonus, we will be living on-site during the filming – so I get to stay on one of these fantastic homes. READ MORE

Kim Krisco and Sara Ferguson
Straw Bale Home
Kim and Sara spent 11 years designing and building their beautiful home from sustainable materials – yes the walls are indeed made from straw bales.

You just have to take a look at the finished article to appreciate the love and care that they have dedicated to the construction of their Colorado Mountain Retreat. I am really looking forward to experiencing the straw bale home , and cannot wait until we visit Kim and Sara.